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About Us


www.WholesaleForsale.eu is a specialist sales and marketing services company , with connections and clients across the world.

We provide flexible, cost-effective sales and marketing services to well-known blue-chip clients, as well as the most exciting start-ups.

Our clients appreciate our ability to drive fast deployment and immediate business impact, typically helping with new or specialist products, often in areas such as technology convergence.


Who do we know?

We have built relationships with many multi-national distributors and telecoms resellers in the China, as well as being well connected into many leading tech companies. Our relationships give us great insight into the very latest trends, opinions and direction among partners and customers alike.

Why choose www.WholesaleForsale.eu?

There are at least three good reasons why www.WholesaleForsale.eu should be top of mind:

  • Sales, Marketing & Industry Experience - we hire the best and most experienced talent we can find.
  • Focus on performance - everything we do is focused on increasing business performance, revenue and profitibility.
  • Unrivalled flexibility - our business model, adaptability means we can be applied to almost any challenge.

We hope our website gives you an introduction into the wide range of services we offer. We're always happy to discuss your needs.